Gail talks to us about how music inspires her daily life as a graphic designer

Gail Prevezer curated our latest playlist 'Rise & Shine' and we chatted to her about her daily life, the playlist and how she keeps her #spiritlevel.

Gail Prevezer curated our latest playlist ‘Rise & Shine’ and we chatted to her about her daily life, the playlist and how she keeps her #spiritlevel.

Tell us about yourself.

I’m a creative and freelance graphic designer based in London. Design, music, food, and wellness are a big part of my every day. 

What’s the title of your playlist?

Rise and shine – it’s perfect to hit play when you wake up, and it will help get you through the day till lunch. 

What would you say the vibe is?

A jazzy vibe with a mix of nu-jazz, funk, soul, some golden oldies, and some new-found gems. It starts very chill and by the end, you should be turning your speakers up.

What are your stand-out tracks on this playlist?

Let Love Flow On – Sonya Spence and Nuova Napoli by Nu Guinea

Would you say music has a big impact on your life/work? And if yes, how?

In life – yes, no doubt. Music has always been a big part of my life. I listen to music ALLLL day. If I don’t, I feel lost. I love discovering new music, going to events, live gigs, festivals, and lots of my mates are DJs or work in music, so I can’t imagine it not being a big part of my social life.

In work – I’ve actually been working for an agency for the last few months designing album & vinyl artwork, so it definitely filters into my work as well. I love the link between art, design & music and how they inspire each other and the artwork is one of the many reasons I love to collect records.

On that note, I think Spotify is a great platform in terms of accessibility and sharing music but unfortunately, it doesn’t support artists financially, so if you like any of the songs in the playlist, go and support them by buying music on Bandcamp, buy tickets to see them play, rep their merch, follow them and share, it all makes a difference.

Describe in three words your mood moving into 2022

Spontaneity, sunshine & TRAVEL. I started this year in Kenya visiting a friend and going to a music festival and I made the best memories, so it has definitely set the precedent for the rest of the year, now that restrictions have eased. 

I think if Covid has taught us anything, life should be about exploring, learning, experiencing, making the best memories, and doing what makes you happy.

What are you looking forward to in the coming months?

I’m working on a new digital wellness platform, which is a big, exciting project that I’m really passionate about.

Pre-Covid I used to also help organise supper clubs, catering events, and food styling on shoots – so I want to get back into the foodie scene on the side and plan some epic supper clubs with some of my friends, so keep your eyes out.

How do you keep your Spirit Level?

Music, movement, nature, yoga, cooking for my friends, and making art.

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