Mason & Fifth COVID-19 Statement

Home is the place you should feel safest

We’ve created Mason & Fifth with this knowledge firmly in mind, choosing materials that are actively good for your health, centering the experience around a community who are there for each other, and developing a heartbeat of weekly activities that look after everyone here, mind, body and soul.

The practice of creating Healthy Spaces now has new meaning for us.  This document lays out the approach we are taking to the ‘new normal’ to ensure that we can all stay safe at home.  We have taken our guidance from two sources, following government recommendations and enlisting healthcare experts to formulate our plan of action.

We’re proud to say that our lead advisor is one very close to home.  Anna Black is not only a clinical researcher working on the COVID-19 vaccine trial; she’s also one of the staff from our local hospital Guys and St Thomas who we’ve been housing since April as part of the Homes for NHS donation scheme.

She has reviewed and advised on our protocol.

True wellbeing has two sides; minimising the things that make you ill, and promoting the things that make you well.  

We have taken immediate steps to make The Italian Building as safe as possible by

1. Installing sanitation stations on entry

2. Heightened cleaning

3. Signage reminding us to maintain a distance

4. Face coverings for our house managers, cleaning staff (and residents on request).

Some of our earlier design choices help make the space naturally safer in this current time – the choice of natural, anti-microbial materials like our cork floors and linen headboards, seagrass wardrobes to help airflow, a focus on our air quality.

As for the other side, having people around you to connect with, feeling nourished by your choices, staying active and present are all a part of what we are creating at Mason & Fifth and this won’t change.  Let’s be careful, stay mindful, and look after each other!

Cleaning & Hygiene 

The first and best things we can do in making sure our homes are environments that actively look after you is to ensure that our cleaning and hygiene protocols are of the highest standard to protect everyone inside.  

Clean Team

We’re working with cleaning experts at Smarter Services who have been trained to ensure that the heightened protocols are adhered to consistently.  

Additional Cleaning 

The house receives 2 x deep cleans throughout the day and overnight, as well as additional inspections and sanitisation of the shared space throughout the day by our live-in house manager.

Anti-viral cleaning products

We have stepped away from our zero chemical commitment for the time being, choosing instead anti-viral products.

High Touch Areas

We will be paying extra attention to door handles, lift panels/buttons and bannisters.


We have installed a card entry at our front gate now has card instead of PIN access, to minimise touch from the minute you step inside.  Our secondary door remains open whilst we prepare for a motion recognition system.

Clean hands 

We have installed sanitation stations at the main entrance to the reception and the living room.

One in, one out (for the lifts)

Signage has been installed reminding people to use the lift solo, and encouraging them (for the fitness too) to take the stairs.

Comfort Zones

Our living room has been rearranged into more defined clusters, so our residents can relax in comfort and spread out across the space.  These receive cleaning and inspections throughout the day.


We have put our cooking classes and group dinners on hold for the time being.  However, we have have pre-ordered grab and go takeaway options in the works.

Outdoor Space

As well as the internal courtyard, we have added additional open air space, developing a small terrace on the side of our living room, and installing bistro tables.

Step inside The Italian Building… virtually. 

We’re offering tours again but we’ve created some virtual ones! So if you’re looking for a change then get in touch with our team who are working from home and ready to chat 🙂 

[email protected] / +44 20 7117 2926.

Keeping your #SpiritLevel.  

Stay tuned for tips from our wellness-squad on living well at home. Watch this space! 

Love and virtual hugs from the crew at Mason & Fifth. 

*Subject to change: we’ll be keeping a close eye on the situation and reviewing our launch date regularly. However this is our current goal.