Our Manifesto

We created Mason & Fifth to be a place where lifelong friendships can be formed, where collaborators can come together, where experiences can be shared, where new ideas can be realised, and where meaningful life can flourish.

Peel back the wrapper of Mason & Fifth and you’ll find a family of open-minded and open-hearted people all brought together with a common goal. Ready to embrace a new way to live to create more joy in their lives. Ready to learn and experience new things. Ready to slow down and put the work in to find that sense of belonging.

So, what is that common goal, and what does it look like? We believe you’re here to live more consciously and with intention. It’s a set of ideas that we think will promote deeper connections. How we connect with ourselves, our futures, our identities, and our ’spark’; how we relate to one another, care for our surroundings, and the wider world. Think of it like you on your best day.

It’s not finished, and it never will be. This is a living and breathing set of principles that outlines our commitment to each other, and we hope you’ll go on a journey with us to co-create it.

We’re excited to see where this takes us.