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Sharing stories of those who defy conventions and dare to live differently.
A growing collection of thoughts, opinions and inspirations that document the wide spectrum of how we can live.

Joyful Rebels: The rise of drag king culture and its impact on community


Male impersonation isn’t new but it’s becoming more widely-accepted, offering community to performers and audiences alike. We spoke with Daisy Doris May on finding empowerment through kinging, redefining her identity and amplifying LGBTQ voices.

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Reflections from life on the water


For many of us in the city, living on the water holds a unique appeal. While household bills rise, the small overheads of a boat can provide people with the freedom to live life differently.

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Microdosing alternative lifestyles


Every festival is created with a similar goal: to bring its own vision of Utopia to life, if only for a long weekend. From Woodstock 69’s iconic legacy to Burning Man’s totally unique Black Rock City, festivals have taken on an almost spiritual status in the cultural imagination.

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Activism as a work in progress: Why compassion and consistency are vital for self-improvement


Activism and disruption doesn't need to go hand in hand. We spoke with Ashleigh Brown on how she's turning her back on what's wrong in the world and focusing on what's right.

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Radically rethinking the future of how we live well in the city.


Our Founder Ben Prevezer shares with us his vision for the future of living well and why Mason & Fifth has put flexibility at the heart of what we offer.

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Come swim with me: Finding community in the sea


For many, the ocean holds an allure that we can’t quite name. Maybe we believe in its therapeutic powers, maybe we like the way the salt-air blows the cobwebs out our lungs, or maybe there’s a siren calling to us just out of earshot on the other side of the horizon (kidding, kind of)...

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What our 28-strong household has taught us.


Ponderings on identity & community and their impact on culture at large.

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Pickling like a pro at Bermondsey


Culinary maestro and house chef at Mason & Fifth, Bermondsey shared his homemade recipe to make bay and orange pickled cucumbers with our residents in Bermondsey.

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Can we drink coffee more sustainably?


Alpaca Coffee are innovators in the coffee trade and are inspiring coffee drinkers to make better choices. Our residents were invited to a masterclass in coffee and how to make a good cup of joe.

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Combatting plastic along our coastlines


We escaped the city to the coastal town Margate for a Sunday well spent with Rise Up, Clean Up's co-founder Amy. Taking action against plastic on our beaches by organising regular coastline clean-ups...

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